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    Classic Lash

    Classic lashes are shorter in length and lighter in volume. This style lash won’t add much volume but will add length. They go with any eye shape and can be worn as a casual day lash or evening lash if you don't want anything too fancy. Classic/ Natural strip lashes will open up the eye and be the exact perfect "extra" you need without too much glam or drama!

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    Glam Lash

    Glamorous lashes are in between a natural lash and a dramatic lash. They are more dense in the middle and more full creating a more glamorous look! This style of lash compliments weddings, date nights, special events or occasions. Glamorous lashes are fun, flirty and sexy! They really make your eyes pop creating an unforgettable experience!

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    3D and Dramatic lashes consist of a lot of layers and have a lot of volume. This style of lash is thick, bold, dense, and create a beautiful dramatic effect that amplify and transform your natural beauty. They are designed to add a great amount of length, volume, and depth! The 3D effect is a beautiful look and is a desired style. The layers without a doubt will make your eyes pop and look extra bold! These lashes can be worn by any eye shape day or night, whatever your desire! The intensity of these lashes really enhance your appearance and take your make up look to the next level!

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"Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder"

Our lashes are not the lashes you buy at the store! They are unique, fun, flirty, sexy, soft, natural, classic, glamorous, bold, dramatic, everything you would want in a strip lash! We offer plant based fiber, vegan and cruelty free lash line with 12 styles to chose from. Whatever your mood is, we have lashes for! We spent a long time researching the best lashes for you and are so excited for you to have a pair or two, or three or four or more of your desire! The great thing about our lashes is they 100% handcrafted and can be re-worn up to 25-30 wears! Our lashes are premium quality and the ultimate in lash luxury! They take your make up look and lash experience to the next level!

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