Owner and Founder Tiffany's Lash Secrets! I am a fun, enthusiastic, full of energy, spontaneous, dreamer who loves life more than words could ever express! I am entrepreneur at heart and have always loved inspiring and uplifting women! I think the sexiest pair of heels a woman can wear is her confidence! Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! I have been able to set my soul free by following my purpose and passion with my main business Tiffany's Beauty Secrets; helping woman feel beautiful one secret at at time and Tiffany's Lash Secrets, my amazing Lash Line!

I have two incredible beautiful daughters and married to my bestfriend, the man of my dreams! I feel so blessed everyday to be fortunate to have the opportunity to be a wife, mother and friend to so many special people in my life! My mother is my bestfriend and thank her everyday for who I am, because of her I am here, living, breathing! 

My family and I love to let go, be free, follow our hearts and live life to fullest.



We are a cruelty free & plant based lash line! This is very important to us!!! We offer plant based fiber, vegan and cruelty free mink lashes! We have a declaration and certification stating that our lashes are sanitized, safe for use and no animals are harmed! All our products are vegan and plant based! This is why we love our lash line SO much!

All of our lashes are absolutely beautiful! We carry a variety of different styles from our classic, natural, everyday wear, to a more full glamorous style and last our 3D bold, super volume, layered 3D effect lash! They are handcrafted with a 100% cotton band and very easy to apply! These will be hands down the most comfortable, soft, light and flexible lashes you put on and it will leave you ready to wear them again day after day they are that amazing! Whatever you're feeling like that day, whatever your mood, event or special occasion we have lashes for!

Our lashes are not the lashes you buy at the store! They are unique, fun, flirty, sexy, soft, natural, classic, glamorous, bold and dramatic, everything you would want in a lash! "Beauty lies in the "eyes" of the beholder"! The great thing about our lashes is they can be re-worn up to 25-30 wears! Handle with care!