1. Store your lashes in the box your lashes arrived in. Keep them in a dry place away from moisture and water. Only store 1 set of lashes in the box at a time.

2. DO NOT get your lashes wet. Our lashes are so naturally beautiful you don't need to put mascara on them.

3. If you care for your lashes correctly these lashes will last 25-30 wears. They are premium quality, handmade, cruelty free, soft and super comfortable! You will love these lashes so much you will want to take great care of them so you can wear them day after day! After wearing your lashes a few times it’s normal to have build up. You can use with a natural lash cleaner spray to clean your lashes and remove any excess glue and use spooky brush to gently brush the lashes.


1. To remove your lashes safely gently lift the corner of your lash with a tweezer. If you feel like the glue is sticking you keep gently trying to lift the strip. It will eventually lift off. Do bor get the lashes wet, use any oil products or lotion. As the lash band starts to lift slowly pull towards the inner part of you eye. The band will slowly start to detach.

2. After the lashes are removed put your lashes away in the keep safe box they came in. Put them back on the plastic casing they were in properly. Close the box and put away in a dry place.

3. After you remove your lashes you can massage gently clean your natural lashes with our lash bath safe cleanser along your lash line to remove an access glue, mascara, sanitize and moisturize your lashes.