When applying lashes it can feel time consuming or even frustrating. Its not supposed to be! No matter what just keep practicing and you will get it down!

 1. Make sure the lashes fit your eye. If they need to trimmed (most likely they will, trim the ends with little trimming scissors. Always start with the outer corner and work in. Don't trim to much. You can always take off more, you can add back on what your trimmed off.

2. After you trim your lashes and get them to fit perfectly line the lash bands with a thin layer of glue. Don't put too much on just enough to line the band.

3. Let the lashes sit for about 60 seconds, while they are drying you can put on mascara to your natural lashes. By the time you are down with that the lashes should be steady to put on. Pick up the lashes, wave back in forth in the air, lightly blow on the lash and get the glue nice and tacky. You DO NOT want to put the lash on when it is still wet. The tackier the better.

4. When the glue is tacky and ready to adhere to your eyelid, place the band along your eye lid with ether your fingers or tweezers whatever you are most comfortable with. Start with the middle, set it in place then move to one corner, set that in and then move to the last corner. Your lash should be on there nicely. You can adjust where needed; if not just lightly tap the lash band on to your lid to secure your lash. You don't want the lash band above or below your lid and you don't want it to close to the inner part of you eye. For the best and most comfortable fit make sure to keep inner corner clear of the end piece and lash to be right on the lash line.

With proper application and adhesive of choice that you like these lashes will last comfortably all day and night long!